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MiniTuck® Concealed Carry Pack - 15% Discount


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MiniTuck® Concealed Carry Pack - 15% Discount

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We are proud to offer most of our hand crafted holsters three different and distinct leather options, selected especially for CrossBreed® Holsters to suit each individual's needs and comfort.

Hand Dyed Cowhide Black - The leather's superior quality is the key to offering great stability combined with extreme comfort.

Premium Cowhide - Moisture resistant, a great alternative when our horsehide is not available.

Premium Horsehide in Natural Tan - A tighter grained leather making it more moisture resistant than other types of leather. Our customers that live in hot humid climates or tend to perspire more prefer the horsehide because of the leather grain properties.

For more information, please see the "Leather" tab in the product

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* IWB Mag Carry Side

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The V-Clip is intended for very deep concealment needs. This clip has no hook or ear and goes down behind the belt. It is faced with ""hook"" Velcro®and needs a Velcro®backed belt to attach to. This is a very stable clip and also completely invisible behind the belt, the downside is that you must attach some loop Velcro®to the back of a belt or buy a belt with some already on it. We do provide a length of loop Velcro®when you order this style clip, if you would like to use a belt you currently have. We also offer our own belts already equipped with the Velcro®kit which includes the Velcro®backed belt and V-Clips with hardware for use on our IWB holsters.


The J-Hook clip goes down BEHIND the belt and then hooks up at the bottom preventing the holster from drawing out with the gun. The advantage to this clip is that it is more discreet than the SnapLok, but by putting the weight on the pants instead of the belt, it tends to want to ride down with heavier guns and is not as stable. The most common option is for folks to order a set of J-Hooks to go with their SnapLoks. We make this very easy by this being the default option and a pair of these is only $10.00 if ordered at the time you order your SuperTuck®. This means you would get both the SnapLoks and a pair of J-Hooks and decide which you liked best or mix and match.

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Overview & Specs

MiniTuck® Concealed Carry Pack - 15% Discount

The MiniTuck® Concealed Carry Pack combines three of CrossBreed's most sought after items-- together for a 15% discount!

Your Pack Includes:

1 MiniTuck® Holster

(You choose: your gun, type of leather and optional additional clips)

1 IWB Mag Carrier

(You choose: your gun, type of leather, single or dual magazines, carry side, and optional additional clips)

1 Belt by CrossBreed

(You choose: Instructor’s, Velcro® Instructor’s, Gun, or Dress Belt)

The 15% discount applies to all items and options in the package. Package pricing cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons. All package items come with our “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee”. MiniTuck® and IWB Mag Carrier are covered by our lifetime warranty. **Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®.

Belt Sizing

To determine the correct size of CrossBreed® belt to order:

Measure, in inches, your EXISTING BELT from the end of the buckle to the hole that fits you the best. This measurement is your belt size.

All Belts by Crossbreed have seven holes for proper sizing. The size you order will be made for use with the center hole. If you know that you prefer a belt with a longer tongue, add 1-2 inches to your measurement. If you prefer a fit with a shorter tongue, subtract 1-2 inches from your measurement. For most people there is no need to change your belt size to allow for IWB carry of a single conceal carry pistol

If you need assistance with belt options and sizing questions, kindly contact our customer service department at 888-732-5011.

Please Note: DO NOT use your pants size as your belt measurement or order a desired size from buckle to tip. This will give you an incorrect fit.

We ask that our customers take the time to accurately measure for the correct fit before ordering a handcrafted belt. Our craftsmen take great care to ensure that your belt is correctly sized as ordered. All sizing error exchanges will be subject to a $10 processing and reshipping fee. Exchanges will be accepted during the two week trial period only.

After the two week free trial, there is a charge of $25.00 to have a belt cut down to a smaller size. The adjustment must be 4 inches or more for gun belts, instructor, and dress belts. Instructor belt with velcro® brand closure belts can be cut down in any increment.

**Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®