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69 ReviewsFor SuperTuck® Deluxe

Average Rating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
August 18 2016
Yesterday i recv'd my Super Tuck w/combat cut. I know several guys that use these as part of their EDC and all of them touted how comfortable they were. I will admit that i doubted it would really be that good. However, i am genuinely impressed. Their feedback and the feedback on the website is absolutely spot on. I would also state that personally i do not feel the combat cut significantly compromises the comfort of the standard holster. However the easy of obtaining a solid grip on your firearms is def worth it.
Farmersville, Texas
August 12 2016
I have the Smith and Wesson m&p shield. Holster wise I got the standard cut horse hide. This is the BEST holster I have EVER carried with. Even before it is s broken in it is comfortable. I like be the company customer service is amazing! I WILL GIVE THEM MORE OF MY MONEY!!!
Macclenny, Florida
August 09 2016
I purchased the SuperTuck Deluxe standard cut in horsehide. I have finally found a holster I am happy with! The holster is comfortable with my double stack 45 and most of all it conceals perfectly. It took a few days to break in but now it form fitted to my hip. The horsehide is much more comfortable than cowhide holsters I have worn. My pistol fits snuggly and will not fall out and it draws easily.
Flagstaff, Arizona
August 08 2016
I just received the SuperTuck Deluxe as my first IWB holster. I always carried OWB in the past. The first thing that I was very appreciative of was the discreet labeling on the package. The quality of the holster was everything I expected after heavily researching Crossbteed and many, many other brands of iwb holsters. I was surprised that this holster, as new as it is, could be this comfortable this soon. I have the horsehide, combat cut model for my Gen 4 Glock 26. I'm wearing it now while seated typing this review. This holster easily hides my pistol both untucked and tucked at the 3:30 position. I would place my body description just under big as described by comedian Gabriel Iglesias's 6 Levels of Fatness. I made one adjustment for cant on the front clip to improve my draw. It's only been a couple of hours but I will definitely be keeping this holster for everyday carry. Lord willing, I will update my review on this holster after a years worth of daily carry. Thank you Crossbreed team for an excellent product!
Everett, Washington
August 08 2016
Hands down, this is the most comfortable Iwb holster I have owned for a full size pistol. Extremely well made with the highest attention to detail. I am not the smallest person. Out there, and it is sometimes a difficult task to find a comfortable let Iwb holster. There are many other brands out there, but I will forever be a crossbreed customer!
Lexington, Kentucky
August 05 2016
I have just purchased my second superTuck Deluxe and I could not be more pleased. I have one for a double stack .45 and a double stack 9mm and despite not being what I consider "small" pistols, they simply disappear under a polo. The holster itself is so comfortable that I forget that I'm carrying a firearm. Both of my orders were filled quickly. The SuperTuck Deluxe is a steal for the money and I am now a customer for life.
So. Weymouth, Massachusetts
August 03 2016
My first exposure to the Super Tuck was when I purchased a G 29 the holster came with it. It is well worn from every day carry. I decided to try it for myself (not being a big fan of IWB holsters) and found that it did not print and is so comfortable that on a few occasions I have forgotten that I have it on. I have since purchased one for my M&P Shield and absolutely pleased with it.
Highlands, Texas
July 23 2016
This holster is amazing! I purchased this holster for my Springfield XDs .45ACP and LOVE it! I have been very active when wearing the holster (running, jumping) and not once have I been worried about the gun coming out. I didn't completely appreciate the holster until I decided to carry my XD MOD.2 that I didn't have a Crossbreed for. After carrying the gun for an hour I realized how much better the Crossbreed was. Needless to say I'm getting another Crossbreed for that gun! I couldn't recommend this holster enough!
July 16 2016
Very comfortable and keeps the gun SECURE and close to your body. Easily conceals a full-size Glock when wearing just a dark t-shirt! If it squeaks at all applying a little baby powder to where the metal rubs against the leather fixes the problem.
July 11 2016
The absolute best holster I've used. I wear this daily with my Sig P229 Legion and it is so comfortable that I often forget I have this on (which is a problem since I've carried it into the office several times). I am a big guy (6'4 250lbs) and I LOVE the combat cut. I purchased both and even though both are comfortable, I think the combat cut is superior for comfort and ease of use. Great product, you won't be sorry. Just don't forget to unholster before you go into the office... Lol
July 10 2016
I receιved one aѕ a gιғт, aт ғιrѕт I dιdn'т тнιnĸ ιт woυld вe тo coмғorтaвle, I нave вeen wearιng тнe croѕѕвreed нolѕтer ғor over тwo weeĸѕ now. I aвѕolυтely love ιт, ιт'ѕ very coмғorтaвle, lιgнтweιgнт and dυraвle. I carry on a daιly вaѕιѕ. Tнanĸ yoυ croѕѕвreed нolѕтer!
Liberty, South Carolina
June 30 2016
Seems to be the best company I've had the pleasure of dealing with.
June 27 2016
I have had my holster for 1 week and I absolutely love it is most comfortable form-fitting holster I have ever had and I've had a lot of in the waist holsters before and they end up getting bunched up or don't seem to last and stretch out rip apart this one is the best I've ever seen
June 27 2016
I have had my holster for 1 week and I absolutely love it is most comfortable form-fitting holster I have ever had and I've had a lot of in the waist holsters before and they end up getting bunched up or don't seem to last and stretch out rip apart this one is the best I've ever seen
wichita, Kansas
June 25 2016
Supertuck Deluxe horsehide w/ combat cut + good quality 1 3/4" reinforced belt = great success with carrying a concealed full size 1911. Feels very secure. First holster I ever felt comfortable with carrying this heavy gun. Lots of adjustment if you need to. You can waste money on a much more expensive holster if you want, but these are very high quality and VERY functional. Might as well add a mag carrier, they are great too. Horsehide doesnt take that long to break in, just wear it all the time with or without your weapon even quicker when your sweating. Very pleased...might just buy another for my Glock...also Great customer service. If you want/need it superfast, spend the extra and expedite the shipping...Thanks Crossbreed!
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana
June 18 2016
I've been carrying for many years and I sure wish I would have bought this holster way back then. This is the most comfortable holster I've ever worn! I carry a double stack nine and this holster conceals better than anything I've used in the past. To have this level of comfort and great concealability is just outstanding! BTW, my wife is drolling over my my new holster. I imagine she'll have one for her Sig P938 very soon.
MANASSAS, Virginia
June 15 2016
This holster surpassed my expectations in every manner. From the comfortable fit that perfectly pairs with a gun belt, to the snug and spot on grip of the holster itself. I would be hard pressed to find anything that matches this level of quality. The draw is like a hot knife though butter and the tactical cut is perfectly designed for a comfortable but secure and sure grip. 100% recommend to anyone looking to conceal carry on the regular!
Minden, Nevada
June 13 2016
Bought my supertuck in 2009 and the kydex just now developed a small crack, and I wore that holster almost daily. Sent it back to crossbreed and to my surprise received a completely brand new holster... Wow! Crossbreed has my business for life!
June 04 2016
After looking at every company available, Crossbreed was the only place that offered a holster for my Taurus 605 Poly Protector. I have been wearing it everyday. It is very comfortable. I would highly recommend these holsters!!
May 25 2016
Purchased a combat cut SuperTuck Deluxe for a S&W Shield. This is my 3rd CrossBreed holster. Everything about it is perfect. It is highly adjustable and comfortable. When I say they are artists, I mean it and I more than appreciate my work of art. Thanks for my unique holster.
May 22 2016
Just got my supertuck yesterday. WOW! What a difference from what I had been using. I had a Mitch Rosen IWB thatI had gotten from Dillion that worked all right but wasn't all that comfortable. I had seen the supertuck in ads and on the web, but didn't want to take chance of not liking it and having to send it back. Saw it in a local store yesterday and decided to try it. wish I had done it sooner. Also, to anyone that thinks the belt doesn't really matter, go ahead and buy the belt. I also bought one of the Crossbreed leather gunbelts and the difference in support is amazing. Do yourself a favor and buy a belt too. Wore the belt and holster for the first time today for about six hours and actually forgot I had it on at times. It's that comfortable. Even sitting in the car. Also bought a single IWB mag carrier. Excellent. Put it all together And Crossbreed changed carrying concealed from an uncomfortable inconvenience, to being hardly noticeable. I have heard the saying that carrying a firearm isn't supposed to be comfortable, but comforting. With Crossbreed, that doesn't have to be true. Thanks to the people at Crossbreed for changing my carry experience. I will be Recommending them to everyone I know. Thanks again.
spartanburg, South Carolina
May 06 2016
My daily carry is a Glock 30SF. I can carry it all day long, every day with my Super Tuck. I wish I could give it 10 Stars!!
May 02 2016
I've carried daily with my CrossBreed Super Tuck, w/combat cut, for about two years now. Although I don't have tons of other holsters to compare to, I will say that I have had zero issues with it. It's very concealable, stable, and comfortable. I've tried other brands that look similar, but 'looks' is the extent of the similarity. My draw has a smoothness with the Super Tuck that isn't even approached by the others. Thanks CrossBreed!
May 02 2016
Best holster I have ever purchased. Spent money on others with CrossBreed I just bought my last one. Wear it all day and don't even know it is on.
Laurel, Montana
May 01 2016
Just got my holster, an it is great. My Colt Defender disappears on my hip, and it is held securely and comfortably.
Philip DG
Roseville, California
April 26 2016
I recently applied for my CCW and was looking at holsters. There are a number of IWB available, but after reading reviews for the SuperTuck I decided to order one although it was a bit more than the others. I received the holster and my permit about the same time. I was skeptical, however, this holster is so comfortable I forget that I am carrying. I love it and highly recommend this holster.*****
Charles C
Morristown, Tennessee
April 22 2016
Combat cut for the Glock 27 is the best holster I have ever owned. Horsehide conforms to the body perfectly!
Helenwood, Tennessee
March 16 2016
I have had my supertuck deluxe for at least 10 yrs. I wear it 5-7 days a week. With a Glock 23. It is the best CCW holster.. Most comfortable. And best overall holster made.
Juancarlo E
Miami, Florida
March 15 2016
Very comfortable and concealed. I bought one for my HK45C and was given one for my Sig 229. Either holster is awesome. I highly recommend the horse hide. If you wear an under shirt, the combat cut will be as comfortable as the regular cut. I will buy more SuperTuck Deluxe holsters.
February 29 2016
Super comfy. Broke in in a couple days as in me getting used to. Definitely will tell all of my carry friends. I wear in the small of my back. Had to tighten it up just a bit. Never had an IW before. I would just tuck it in without. Really love the holsters retention choices.
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
February 27 2016
Got my super tuck today, this is the best holster I have ever owned! I had a couple of questions before I decided to purchase this holster and the customer service was fast and friendly with helping me make the right choice. Awesome product and I will be spreading the word. Thank you!
Gilbert, Arizona
February 26 2016
Best holster I've ever used. I carry my S&W .40 with laser everyday, took about 3 days to break in but it is the most comfortable holster I've ever used. Combat cut is the way to go.
Geneseo, Illinois
February 18 2016
I now own 4 Super Tucks. My Hi-Powers, 1911's, XDS, and Beretta 92's all ride well in them and I forget they're there. A good belt and these, good to go.
crossett, Arkansas
February 13 2016
I have tried several iwb holsters and the super tuck is by far the best made and most comfortable holster I own! If I ever do wear it out, it will be replaced with another one just like it!
Montrose, Colorado
February 06 2016
I've used the Crossbreed SuperTuck for several years for my HK 45c. Original holster was a deluxe model but I did my own trimming of the high quality leather and converted it to a 'combat' cut. I also have a Crossbreed for my Glock 30s .45. Both holsters are comfortable, perfectly functional and highly concealable. I'm a former Spec Ops guy who is familiar with using firearms.
January 27 2016
I have had the Super Tuck for my Glock 26 for about 2 years and it is the most comfortable holster I have tried to date. I recently purchased a Glock 43 and bought another brand of IWB holster for it. I wore the new one for two days and sent it back. It was constructed of good quality materials but was just not as comfortable as the Super Tuck. I ordered a new Super Tuck for the 43. Best IWB I have found. No need to try anything else after this. Thank you Crossbreed.
January 23 2016
I have been wanting the super tuk for a long time and got one for Christmas. I have to tell you this is without question the best holster i have owned. It is everything you said it is and more. most of the time I don't even know i have it on.
shaun g
cranston , Rhode Island
January 07 2016
I purchased the SuperTuck Deluxe for my Springfield XDM and Kimber Pro Carry II. I cannot believe the level of quality and comfort this product has for the price you pay. The is the best IWB holster on the market and Crossbread is just at another level. Shaun Guerard
December 29 2015
I've worn this holster for two years now and choose to carry a full frame Glock 22. At first I was a bit sceptical at how well I would be able to conceal and be able to comfortably wear this all day. I was pleasantly surprised more and more each time I've worn it to find my holster so comfortable and concealable at the same time. As a Christ follower myself I also enjoy that it's a Christian company and on the clips of the holster there is a cross symbol reminding me in whom my trust really is and not fully to trust in my pistol. I've recommended it to many friends and have never heard a bad word about these holsters or company. Thanks Crossbread!
December 18 2015
This holster is comfortable enough to wear under an electrician's tool belt all day, enough said!
Ronald M
Tucson, Arizona
December 16 2015
I bought the SuperTuck in horse hide because I live in Arizona. It took a while to break in (longer than my cowhide IWB holsters). Well worth the wait. I carry my S&W M&P 40C all day with no discomfort.
November 29 2015
I've owned the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe for two years. It is on my side daily and is the most comfortable holster I've ever had. I would highly recommend this holster for daily use. It is exceptionally comfortable even after 8 to 10 hours of wear.
Miami, Florida
November 05 2015
Ordered the Supertuck Deluxe holster for my Glock 27. This is by far the most comfortable holster that I have owned. I highly recommend that you use a Crossbreed belt to hold your holster in place.
Mastic, New York
November 04 2015
I've been buying these holsters for years, no need to look elsewhere. I carry a full size SIG 220 in .45 and believe me you will forget you have it with you when using the supertuck holster!
October 19 2015
I was recommended by a friend who has a crossbreed IWB, he told me I would not regret getting one for my first CCW. He was right, this is comfortable I can hardly tell I have it on. I had an issue with my CZP07 Duty popping the magazine out while I would be sitting, I contacted Crossbreed and they came up with an idea. I shipped it to them and had it back within 9 days. Awesome customer service and I recommend that if you are getting this for the CZP07 Duty, have them put a divot where the magazine release is, this will save some time for you. Great product guys and you have a customer for life.
Casey and JanaD
Tucson, Arizona
October 18 2015
These holsters are the best and most comfortable by far! Also, I just can't put into words how amazing the customer service is. l had a special request for a holster that I was buying for someone else, and there honored it to the last detail! Thank you VERY much for your people and your product!
Minden, Nevada
September 11 2015
I have been using the Super Tuck for my Glock 23 for the past seven years. It is by far the most comfortable holster I've ever used. Don’t waste your time trying other IWB’s like I did, Crossbreed is the absolute best. I recently strayed and purchased a Stealthgear Onyx IWB for my new Glock 43; returned it after two days and ordered the Mini Tuck instead. All holster purchases from now on will be Crossbreed only.
deerfield, New Hampshire
June 21 2015
I just bought the holster and have had it for 2 days now. I ride ATV's and ride horses And it is very comfortable to have on me while riding and being active. The quality is very high and looks professional, worth every penny and I recommend the j-hooks, worth the extra money
Virginia Beach, Virginia
June 19 2015
If you have a Springfield XD Mod-2 sub-compact in 45ACP then you know how thick the grip is since it uses a double stack 9 round magazine. I originally ordered the "Normal" cut, but found the extra leather to interfere with my ability to get my thumb and middle finger around the stubby grip properly without jamming my thumb past the leather, and often caused me to have to shift the gun slightly in my hand as I was raising the firearm to aim. This also made my lower thumb joint a bit sore after repeated draw training. I sent it back without any hassle, for an exchange to the "Combat Cut." Perfect! The leather backing no longer hinders or blocks the grip. The fit still feels just as comfortable to me with the "Combat Cut" The Kydex fits the gun great and holds it in the holster firmly while wearing it, and drawing the gun does not give you a kind of wedgie by pulling your pants into your crotch either. The Black Cowhide versions leather backing is comfortable, soft even on bare skin and flexible. It didn't take long wearing the holster around the house with my gun in it for the holster to form itself to my body shape. It looks and feels very well made. I would highly recommend the "Combat Cut" for any compact or sub compact firearm for easier access to the grip, unless maximum comfort is more important to you. I will be using Crossbreed Holsters again. Their service is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the holsters have a lifetime warranty. You can't beat that if this holster lasts as long as I believe it will.
May 18 2015
About a year ago my department transitioned to a new autoloader. I asked our weapons training instructor to recommend an off-duty holster and he showed me his Crossbreed Supertuck. I ordered it and it is the best off-duty holster I have worn in the last 27 years of daily carrying. occasionally I forget I'm even wearing it. I purposely waited a year to write this review just in case I changed my opinion but that is not happening. Thank you Crossbreed for making a quality, feel right holster. I recommend it to all of my co-workers.
April 29 2015
I just got my supertuck 2 days ago and love this thing I've tried galcos kingtuk but it just wasn't for me there not bad but getting a holster made to your own needs for the same price come on it's a no Brainer don't waste your time and money just get a crossbreed you will love it thanks guys for the GREAT holsters and mag carriers.
Downers Grove, Illinois
April 16 2015
This product is more comfortable than any other holster I have tried. With a good gun belt there is no problem with sagging trousers. My Beretta PX4 is positioned perfectly at 8 O'Clock (southpaw). It took less than two weeks for the holster to conform to my shape. I'm very pleased with the product and just ordered another holster for my Ruger SR9c.
Downers Grove, Illinois
April 16 2015
This product is more comfortable than any other holster I have tried. With a good gun belt there is no problem with sagging trousers. My Beretta PX4 is positioned perfectly at 8 O'Clock (southpaw). It took less than two weeks for the holster to conform to my shape. I'm very pleased with the product and just ordered another holster for my Ruger SR9c.
Eugene, Oregon
April 13 2015
I love my supertuck deluxe!!! In fact I just ordered one for my dad for his birthday. Super comfortable. At first it was hitting me in the back, but I adjusted the cant and now it's perfect! I carry a Springfield XD 9mm sub compact. I love how the kydex retains it's shape making it very easy to draw and reholster. Alisha
arlington, Texas
April 04 2015
it is a great holsters
Plantation, Florida
March 21 2015
I purchased the SuperTuck Deluxe in December because I saw it highly recommended on several websites and YouTube videos.I had tried other holsters but they were all bulky, difficult to draw from, difficult to conceal, and uncomfortable to wear. They were so uncomfortable, in fact, that I almost never carried concealed, even when I felt vulnerable. This one changed all of that. Not only have I been able to *comfortably* wear this outstanding holster for long intervals (up to 8 hours), but now I literally never leave home without it. The SuperTuck Deluxe will not disappoint and it will put your mind at ease about carrying your weapon reliably, professionally, and discreetly. Anyone concerned about personal safety and the safety of their loved ones must have one.
East Troy, Wisconsin
March 08 2015
This is the first holster I have ever owned/worn. This super tuck deluxe is a great holster. I am currently using this to carry my glock 17 gen 4 with a full magazine and it does a superb job at displacing the weight and making a heavy gun feel comfy. No issues or complaints after a month of carrying so far. Its a great product worth the money. The craftsmanship shows.
February 27 2015
When I first started conceal carrying I would buy the Blackhawk IWB holster because I am a heavy set guy and I liked the sweat shield because it would block my rear sights from scratching my big stomach. I then moved up to a Cardini IWB holster because it was made with better material and it still had the sweat shield. Well I decided since neither holster was living up to my high standards I would look around for another holster that would meet my high standard. I did a whole lot of research on different holsters when I came across the CrossBreed name and it caught my eye. I did even more research on them and I was sold, especially since they had a 14 day free trial so if I didn't like it within those 14 days I could send it back. Once I tried it out I knew it was the one for me. The CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe did not just meet my standards but far exceeded them and it is the most comfortable and durable holster I have ever tried and I have tried a whole lot of different IWB holsters. I can honestly say I do not want any other holster other than the CrossBreed. It is a little on the expensive side but it is much more than worth it. If anyone is wondering I am carrying a Kahr K9 and it also works for my other Kahr 9mm's as well.
Arcadia, Oklahoma
February 24 2015
I have been wearing the CrossBreed Supertuck for my P2000, for over two years. The comfort of this holster has been so good, I have had to check to make sure I didn't forget to put the holster on. I recommend this for everyone that carries. I even bought this for my father for Christmas this past year. The quality is awesome. The only wear is the forming to my gun and my back where I carry. I have never had my gun fall out, and that is while wearing it all day, everyday, and even when riding an ATV.
Pflugerville, Texas
February 11 2015
Got this for Christmas, after purchasing a Sig Saur P229. I have no experience carrying a handgun outside of the military. The holster is very comfortable and durable. No knock off could come close to the craftsmanship and quality. I also have the mag holster, and it too is the best. I rarely even know I have it on, because I wear it all the time. It fits so very well, with the entire range of pants and belts I have.
China Spring, Texas
February 06 2015
I have a Super Tuck for my Ruger SR40c, and my Springfield XD9. I just ordered another for my Ruger LCR 3" barrel. Need I say more. Thank you, CrossBreed. <><
Boise, Idaho
February 02 2015
SuperTuck Delux / Horsehide / Combat Cut / M&P 9 Shield I have quite a collection of IWB Holsters. Without a doubt this is the finest made, most comfortable; the best concealable holster I have ever purchased. Based on the holsters fit right out of the package upon arrival, I'm sure it will only become even more comfortable with time. I will write back with an update towards the end of this summer after completing about 10,000 vacation miles on my Harley. Thanks to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk for turning me on to your company.
January 05 2015
A few months back I purchased a Glock 27 for concealed carry. I had already been told about this holster by a co-worker and then the instructor in my enhanced carry class recommended it too. I already had it planned to be the holster I was going to get. I actually found someone selling a combat cut for my pistol and bought it from them versus direct. A bit of a gamble, but as it turned out I have zero regrets. I have carried all day and have no real complaints. I do wish it would have been the standard cut, but will not worry about carrying at any time with it. Very comfortable and easily adjusted for your individual taste.
Oxnard, California
January 01 2015
As a retired deputy, I stopped carrying a gun when I moved to a nice quiet area. However, as life shows, nothing is forever and I moved back to an area close to where I patrolled. I started carrying again, and had almost forgotten how much of a pain - literally - it is to carry. I tried two holsters, a Galco inside the belt, and a custom Kydex too. Neither were what I was hoping for. When I saw Crossbread's add in American Rifleman it seemed to make sense. Well, turns out it does. Nothing's completely comfortable, and it does need to be broken in a bit, but this is about as good as it can be. The quality seems high too - time will tell. For now, I have no reservations in recommending it. For those who may be wondering, I am carrying a P2000.
Columbia, South Carolina
November 30 2014
I currently have SuperTuck holsters for my Shield and PPQ. They're extremely comfortable and well crafted. I like them so much I plan on ordering one for a Glock 19 I just bought.
Canton, Georgia
November 03 2014
I ordered 8 days ago my CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe with Combat-Cut for my Keltec P-11. Today, the custom holster arrived at my door 11/3/2014. That far exceeded any expectation I could have for a custom built holster. The quality and holster comfort is outstanding. I look forward to many years of wear. I appreciate the outstanding customer service and professionalism with this company. Thanks again! Rob
Parker, Colorado
October 19 2014
Just got my supertuck for my Kahr P9. I was impressed that the kydex portion is molded exactly to my Kahr. This holster is VERY comfortable, even sitting in my Rubicon (not as good in my Porsche). I know I will be able to wear this holster all the time. I recommend it highly.
October 06 2014
I own several Super Tuck IWB holsters. They are the only IWB holsters I will wear because of their comfort, weapon retention, and weapon attainability. The best holster for the money by far. They are a great company to deal with also.
August 27 2014
I have carried a super tuck deluxe for several years and live this holster! I tried several different holster before I found the cross breed holster and once I used it knew I had found the perfect concealed carry holster. I carry carry a full sized Baretta 92FS and forget I have it on most of the times. Firmly holds gun no matter what activity I am doing. I ride horses and have never had a problem with retention or the holster sliding around. I recommend this holster to everyone. The lifetime warranty is unheard of and gave used it a couple of times over the years and never had a problem. No fuss and great customer service.