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16 ReviewsFor MiniTuck®

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New Paris, Pennsylvania
July 28 2016
I've had this holster for 4 months now and I can say I love it. I have been carrying for 20+ yrs and about 5 IWB. I was looking for something for carrying while on my motorcycle other than the cheap junky ones I would pick up in any store. I finally found the one I love and just wear all the time now weather on the motorcycle or not. I highly recommend the minituck
June 19 2016
I've been carrying an XD-S 4.0 in the MiniTuck religiously for about two years now. Like many of you, I have a box full of holsters worth about $1000 in the closet, and I can honestly tell you that none of those are ever used anymore. I have the combat-cut horsehide version, and I don't regret a single penny of the purchase price. It conceals and tucks great -- I feel perfectly comfortable carrying in a shirt and tie at work were it's a firing offense to even have a knife. It holds up great, I have put about a gallon and a half of sweat into this thing, I wear it in the 110 degree sun doing yard work, at the office, everywhere. It is comfortable enough that I forget I'm wearing it, and the retention is still great after years of wear. You really can't go wrong with this holster. The XD-S 4 is a smaller gun, but it's no pocket pistol, and this is the perfect size for it. It will squeak some at first from the belt clips against the leather, but wear it around for a couple weeks, it will subside. I keep it at about five o'clock, not one complaint. Carry well, and carry always. Semper vigilans.
Baker, West Virginia
June 18 2016
Just received my first Crossbreed holster and it will NOT be my last. I've worn it all day and forgot I was even carrying. Now that's comfortable. Love this holster. Thanks.
June 01 2016
Love these holsters! I have the limited edition English leather. I really wish I could get another made in the English leather. I actually ordered a tuctite for my new Glock 43 in protest since I couldn't get another like what I have for my XDS. Well... I came home after the first day and ordered another mini tuck. Still wish it was the same leather but I will make due.
Greer, South Carolina
May 31 2016
Love this holster !! Better than any other I have ever tried. I bought the horse hide so I can not say how much better it is over the cowhide but either way, it is extremely comfortable. The cowhide may be great, just saying I love my horse hide! I am medium build and carry an S&W Shield at about 4 o'clock and it doesn't print.
May 05 2016
I've struggled with an IWB holster for my new pistol (Sig Sauer P238)...looked at a number of sites touting the virtues of each...I had a single belt clip style and tried to make it work to no avail. I decided to try this mini-tuck based on past reviews and man, am I pleased....well built, super small, very secure (works with a standard webbing belt), and very concealable. The good folks at Crossbreed got it to me in a hurry. Thanks!!
April 04 2016
I have the IWB mini-tuck horse hide holster for my Glock 43. It is super comfortable. I wore it for about a week before it was broke in. Even during that week, it was comfortable. Now that it is broken in, it fits like a glove. I wear it with shorts, jeans and dress pants. I have yet to try to tuck my shirt in with it, but it will probably do just fine. I highly recommend one for your CCW. I live in a very humid environment and the horse hide is holding up great.
Sacramento, California
March 18 2016
I have been a CCW permit holder for approximately six months. This was my first holster I purchased. Shortly after, I purchased a belly band, because I told myself that I needed it when wearing yoga pants. And a few other holsters that went underneath the breasts, or to my side. I found them extremely painful, ugly, and unsafe. Not only did the belly band move, shift, and become unsafe, but it gave me rolls and made me feel uncomfortable. The holsters under the breasts caused moister to collect and affect my gun. This is my GO TO HOLSTER! Ladies, trust me... it takes time to figure out where it positions just right on your hips, the leather will mold to your body, and feel perfect. You do need a good, strong, pure leather leather or tactical type belt. I can't carry 24-7 because my employer is against CCW, but I slap this baby on when I am not at work, and its like nothing is there. I spent a little more for the horse hide, and found Im not as sweaty. I love the fact that the trigger is protected, and will prevent accidental fire. Purchase it, ya don't like it, move on to something better. But, at least you'll have it when you realize the grass wasn't greener on the other side, like I did. I am going to purchase a mag holster for the left side. Something I wish I did as a virgin CCW permit holder.
March 18 2016
Had about 6 holsters and this is BY FAR THE BEST ONE ON THE MARKET HANDS DOWN. I have now had mine for over 5 years and had zero issues.
Abbeville, Louisiana
February 27 2016
Just received my SuperTuck Horsehide holster for my P30sk. Wow! I never imagened a holster could be this comfortable. Can't wait until it breaks-in. Thanks crossbreed! Very satisfied customer👍🏻
Elkin, North Carolina
January 15 2016
I have had this holster for less than a week but I think it is going to be a great holster. After I put it on I can barely tell it's their. By the way I have the horse hide because I sweat bad.
Walnut Cove, North Carolina
November 11 2015
purchased a MiniTuck for my Glock 43 in July because I had bought a Supertuck for my Springfield XD9 subcompact and really liked it. I have carried my Glock almost everyday since and have found that I hardly know its there. The retention is just right, and the position on the belt is very good. I am sold on Crossbreed as my go to holster. I also purchased a Crossbreed belt which works very well with the holsters.
Steve J
White Stone, Virginia
June 23 2015
I bought this holster in the horsehide leather option for my Glock 43. Out of the bag, I wore this holster against bare skin in 90 degree heat for most of the day. It didn't chafe,or rub. When I took it off, I didn't even know I had had it on. By far the most comfortable IWB Hilster I have worn so far
Madison, Tennessee
May 22 2015
Very comfortable holster for my XDS 4.0" .45. I wear it at 4 O'clock with a slight cant and I don't experience ANY discomfort whatsoever. Additionally, this holster holds my weapon close enough that I have yet to notice any kind of printing. I would recommend Crossbreed to friends and family alike and in fact already have!
neodesha, Kansas
March 09 2015
Ordered this a couple of weeks ago for my M&P Shield. Love it! It's a perfect fit for it. Very easy to conceal and carry and no one notices it. highly recommend!!
February 23 2015
Outstanding product. After several other purchases, this is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I have found, and the tuckable feature works well with my ordinary attire.